Hanuman Shabar Mantra For Success

Hanuman Shabar Mantra

Hanuman Shabar Mantra ( हनुमान शाबर मंत्र ) For Success & Protection

Hanumanji is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord is as fast as Hanuman as fast is in our mind because his motions are like Air Dev. Lord Hanuman has complete control over his senses like that of Vayu Dev. Lord Hanuman is the superintendent of the army of monkeys. He is known as the messenger of Lord Rama. They have incredible power reserves. They destroy the forces of demons and liberate them from all dangers. Shabar Hanuman Mantra has the ability to dispel the negative energy spread by the enemies.

Friends, all of you will know that after Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman is the one who is the simplest to please and Lord Human is also considered as a form of Rudra ie Shiva.

In our Hindu religion, Hanuman Ji has been considered as auspicious and Magalcari. But the worship of Hanuman Ji is very important.

There is also benefit from chanting Hanuman Mantra during Hanuman worship. Even if something bad is happening in your life and you have taken all the measures, you are still not getting any benefit.

So you should recite these special chants of Hanuman Ji. You will surely benefit.

The human being suffers from diseases like physical, mental and external (ghost-ghost) eyes, etc. Going to a doctor or a physician for a physical illness makes a person okay. Mental illness becomes the simplest solution. But when a person is caught in the trap of a ghost or ghost or sight, hi or an evil spirit, he gets upset. Hanuman Ji's shabar mantra is a very proven mantra. By using it, Hanuman Ji immediately listens to your mind. Use it only if you are certain that you are a holy person. This mantra has the ability to miraculously eliminate all the troubles and sufferings of your life immediately.


1 saloon barge room,
The body on which the ingot is placed.
God key is the lock of Brahman,
Our eighth mango jati
Hanuman keeper.

... Jai Hanuman.


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The use of vashikaran is very important, it is done by the system and also by the mantra;

There are hundreds of experiments related to subjugation in the texts, but the vaporization experiments that the Nath community has with them are very effective and precise even with the shot of a gun.

On Friday night, go to Hanuman Temple at 12 o'clock and offer the dried sindoor in the steps of Hanuman Ji and keep a coconut and tell the feelings of your heart to Hanuman Ji. No one should be restrained in this activity. Please do a lesson so that Hanukkah is gracious.

हनुमान जी के 7 शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र जिनकी मदद आप जीवन में कुछ भी पा सकते है|

1-शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र

"" ॐ नमः वज्र का कोठा ।
जिसमे पिण्ड हमारो पेठा ।
ईश्वर कुंजी ।
ब्रह्मा का ताला ।
मेरे आठो धाम का यति हनुमंत रखवाला ॥ ""

2-शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र

"" ।।ओम गुरुजी को आदेश गुरजी को प्रणाम, धरती माता धरती पिता, धरती धरे ना धीरबाजे श्रींगी बाजे तुरतुरि आया गोरखनाथमीन का पुत् मुंज का छड़ा लोहे का कड़ा
हमारी पीठ पीछे यति हनुमंत खड़ा, शब्द सांचा पिंड काचास्फुरो मन्त्र ईश्वरो वाचा।। ""

3-शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र

"" हनुमान पहलवान बारह बरस का जवान मुख में बीरा हाथ में कमान लोहे की लाठ वज्र का कीला
जहां बैठे तहां हनुमान हठीला
बाल रे बाल राखो सीस रे सीस राखो आगे जोगिनि राखो पाछे नरसिंह राखो जो कोइ छल करे
कपट करे तिनकी बुद्धि मति बांधो दुहाई
हनुमान वीर की शब्द साचा पिण्ड काचा फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा ॥ ""

4-शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र

"" बिस्तर के आस-पास।
हवेली के आस-पास।
छप्पन सौ यादव।

लंका-सी कोट,
समुद्र-सी खाई।
राजा रामचंद्र की दुहाई। ""

5-शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र

"" ओज्योति स्वरुप प्रभू रामभक्त, महाशक्ति वीर
हनुमान अंजनिपुत्र सीता भक्त महाविष्णु गुरु
अचेतमात्र अचेतमात्र नमः नमः नमः शक्ती दो कृपा
मेरी करो शक्ती दो शक्ती दो ॥ ""

6-शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र

"" ॥ ॐ नमो आदेश गुरु को, सोने का कड़ा,
तांबे का कड़ा हनुमान वन्गारेय सजे मोंढे आन खड़ा ॥ ""

7-शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र

"" ॐ नमो बजर का कोठा,
जिस पर पिंड हमारा पेठा।
ईश्वर कुंजी ब्रह्म का ताला,
हमारे आठो आमो का जती हनुमंत रखवाला। ""