☠What do enemy spells spell? Know about some such mantras whose use will destroy your enemy soon, he will bow before you and will never bother again. It is not a big deal to have enmity with anyone in today's time. The enmity happens even while walking, on making good progress people start burning and they become enemies behind our back. If you use the mantra to end the enmity given here, then your enmity will be completely destroyed.☠

Shatru Nashak Mantra

☠We are going to tell all kinds of enemy destroyer Shabar Mantra and other types of a mantra here, such as harassing the enemy, killing the enemy or giving heavy hardship to the enemy, etc. You have to increase patience and self-confidence while using it, all the actions performed while being positive give positive results, so you should remain pure and positive with your mind while using these mantras.☠


☠The troubles are solved with the mere remembrance of Shri Ram envoy Pawansut Hanuman. If we wish to weaken the enemy or wish for victory over the enemy, then chant this mantra only:☠

'☠☠Former Kaphi Mukhay Panchmukh Hanumate Tanttak Sakal Shatru Nashakay Virodham Sandaharaya Swaha.☠☠'

☠How to chant ...☠

☠On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, chant this mantra in front of Panchmukhi Hanumanji's temple or picture and afterward. Give Guggul (Google) incense. If there is more trouble than severe crisis or enemy, then by chanting 2 thousand in seven days from Hanuman Jayanti, do mustard havan at night on the eighth day. Speaking the same mantra, offer mustard sacrifices along with swaha. It is necessary to give 280 sacrifices. The effect will be seen. The enemy will bow down.☠

☠Use enemy destroyer spells☠

☠☠A very easy and effective enemy spells Vashikaran mantra, using which the enemy will fall under your control. To start using it on Thursday or Saturday, First, write the name of your enemy with a red pen on white paper. After this, chant this mantra, Om Kshs Vinashay dushtitam Bhairavaya Namah.☠☠

☠You can also do this experiment at the place of worship in the house or Bhairav temple. This mantra has to be used continuously for 51 days. It is necessary to do a garland daily. After 51 days, but the enemy's name written on paper and put it inside a vial filled with honey. And bury this bottle in the ground behind the idol of Bhairav temple. This easy solution is to control the enemy so that he never bothers you again.☠


☠Enemy destroyer mantra 'Gayatri ☠

☠Another easy experiment is to tell, for this, you take a green lemon every morning when the sun goes out, now take the enemy's mind and name it and cut it into four pieces. Now 151 times keep these pieces of lemon in your hand and chant the Gayatri Mantra and then go to a crossroads and throw one piece of lemon in each of these four directions. This experiment will divert the attention of your enemy from you, he will not tease you.☠

☠☠Hr Krr Krr Krr shatruamm mitrramm namo Krrr: Namah ☠☠

☠Another powerful mother tells the mantra of Kali, this mantra is given above. Whatever enemy is used by its use, it becomes calm, from the first day the enemy cools down. For this, after bathing around eleven o'clock on the night of Amavasya, wear clean clothes and go to the place of worship and worship Mother Kali, light a lamp of ghee.☠

☠Now offer red clothes, red vermilion, red flowers, sandalwood, saffron sweets and items of honey to the black mother. After this, sit on the east side of Kush and chant from above the rosary of Rudraksha. You have to do 111 garlands and from today onwards, you should do 111 garlands daily for 51 days. With the effect of this mantra, the enemy will start behaving like a friend to you, he will try it under your control.☠