Aghori Baba Vashikaran Mantra Tantric Sadhana - Before we tell you the measures of Aghori Vashikaran, some Rosini put on the facts associated with it. In fact, the path of Aghorpanth is that of a sadhak or a sadhak of a person who says you are called Aghori. Who have their own way and method of practicing. About them, we also tell you that they eat everything except cow meat.

Aghori Mantra The way to practice them is different. The whole world of Aghoris is very mysterious to the common people. So the desire to know is very common among the people. This is not what the people of Aghori consider a shaman as appropriate for their sadhana. The crematorium where the common people hesitate to go. They believe that practicing cremation in the cemetery gives them quick results and these people also like to live in this place.


Try to write anything, but praise of my favorite Shiva Ji is not possible for me, because their every form is unique, worship them at any time, Anujitia will get such that all their life will pass away in their songs of praise. To this day, Shiva devotees may not have come into the life of the day when they did not receive Shiva's grace, today I am giving a divine sadhana which is not only mine but also many Shiva seekers or devotees. Is the ultimate goal And one thing without doing this sadhana, no matter how much college practice, the direct experience will not be available, so "Aghor Shiva Sadhana" is an easy way to achieve the goal in the life of every seeker, who has attained the aggression. So one gets everything in life or every other way of living is lost in vain.

It is done only on the other day, this day is not useful for this sadhana. This sadhana gets rid of all kinds of planetary faults, is complete success in all sadhana, gets protection from all kinds of mechanisms if any old mantra- The system defects in the life of a seeker, whether it is of this birth or of birth, it ends, whether it is a Sabar mantra, Vedic or Agorha mantra. After complete success, there will be a lot of heat in the body during sadhana. In such times you should not panic and the sadhana does not have to be left unfinished. To do this, through this sadhana, Bhole Baba Lord Shiva also gives a vision to the seekers or devotees in a dream and also blessings.

Meditation Prayer:

Jai Shambhu Vibho Aghoreshwar Swayambhu Jai Shankar.
Jayeshwar Jayashan Jai Jai Sarvajan Kamand


||Om haraam hem houm aghorebhayo sarve siddhi deihi deihi aghoreshwaraym houm hem haraam om phat sawah||

There are more faces in the northeast direction, easy-to-wear black is better, but use whatever you have, be it Rudraksha or Kale Haqiq, Parad Shivalinga, or whatever Shivalinga you worship. Do the sadhana on it, worship Guru Ganesha before the sadhana and make your asana round with a round nail with the iron nail, making the circle around the "fire-type Namah" mantra, thus protecting you from invisible power. Speak Mahamarutunjaya mantra on this, tilak with bhasam + Chandan, after completion of sadhana five bilvatsar + milk containing water, akshat (rice), odor, garments, floral, laddu, indulge in Dakshina main mantra speaking, 21 mala mantras in this sadhana. To chant, sadhana is one day but try to do it for three days so that all the work is completed smoothly.