Yakshini Sadhana is also giving positive power just like Dev Sadhana. In today's time, many people see Yakshini Sadhana as a witch practice or as a practice of a demon nature. But this is completely untrue. Just as there are 38 deities in our scriptures, similarly there are 8 Yakshas and Yakshinias. Gandharva and Yaksha castes have been considered similar to gods, while demons and demons have been called demons. Therefore, whenever you do the sadhana / (Yakshini Sadhana) of any Yaksha or Yakshini, then it gives you fruits just like the gods.

At the time of Yakshini Sadhana, Yakshini appears to the seeker as a beautiful, gentle woman. In the form and manner in which the seeker worships the Yakshini, the Yakshini gives her darshan. Yakshini Sadhana as a woman - is performed as a mother, as a girlfriend, as a sister, and as a daughter. Elder seekers of high quality recommend Yakshini Sadhana / Yakshini Sadhana as a mother or as a daughter.

Types of Yakshini Sadhana: -

There are mainly eight types of Yakshinis found in the scriptures. Those who have been called Asht Yakshini Sadhana. Which is as follows:

1. surasundari yakshini sadhana, 2. Manoharini Yaksini, 3. Kanakavati Yaksini, 4. Kameshwari Yaksini,
5. ratipriya yakshini sadhana, 6. Padmini Yaksini, 7. Nati Yaksini and 8. Anuragini Yaksini.


Sur Sundari Yakshini has been called the most beautiful Yaksini on the basis of imagination. On achieving perfection in this practice, the seeker attains wealth and wealth. In this Yakshini Sadhana, the sense and manner in which the seeker worships the Yakshini gives her the same form in a dream. Such as: As a mother, as a lover, as a daughter, in whatever form one can worship, the seeker receives darshan of Yakshini. For this sadhana, the seeker should practice through this mantra: om and i agranchh sur sundari swaha ||

Manoharini Yakshini: -

In this Yakshini Sadhana, the seeker gains hypnosis. After achieving success in this practice, the seeker comes with such powers, on whose strength he can subdue anyone. Along with this, the seeker is full of money etc. Manoharini Yakshini Sadhana Mantra: Om Hrni Aachhoc Manohari Swaha ||

Kanakavati Yakshini: -

On being successful in Kanakavati Yakshini Sadhana / Yakshini Sadhana, the seeker becomes so brilliant that he can also subdue his adversary. Success in this fulfills all the wishes of the seeker. Kankavati Yakshini Mantra: Om Hrim Hoon Raksha Karmani Agachh Kanakavati Swaha ||

Kameshwari Yakshini: -

In this sadhana, the seeker gains strength. On wishing the wife happiness, the Yakshini, appearing as a real wife, fulfills the desire of the seeker. The specialty of this Yakshini is also that it helps the seeker in obtaining everything. Kameshwari Mantra: om kremes kameshwari vashya priya kreem om ||


The seeker attains beauty in this practice. The seeker is happy all the time. Rati Priya Yakshini Mantra: Om Hrni Agrachh Rachti Priya Swaha॥

Padmini Yakshini: -

In this practice, the seeker gains confidence and self-confidence. Such a seeker becomes mentally strong. In all circumstances, it helps the seeker to stand firmly. Padmini Yakshini Mantra: Om Hr Aanchchh Aachchhrat Rati Priya Swaha॥

Nati Yakshini: -

On being successful in this sadhana, the Yakshini helps the seeker in every difficult situation. Protects him from all kinds of accidents. Nati Yakshini Mantra: Om Hr Aanchchh Aachchhi Nachti Swaha||

Anuragini Yakshini: -

On being successful in this sadhana, this yaksini satisfies the seeker in every way. The seeker benefits from wealth, honor, respect and all other comforts. On the wish of the seeker, it also cheers with him. Anuragini Yakshini Mantra: Om Hri Anuragini Agachh Swaha॥

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Things to be noted while performing Yakshini Sadhana: -

Yakshini Sadhana is a little harder than all other Tantra practices. In this, the seeker can be physically and mentally damaged. During meditation, efforts can be made to wander the seeker through enjoyment and lust. There can also be some scary feeling. Therefore, the most important rule for Yakshini Sadhana / (Yakshini Sadhana) is that it should be done under the supervision of a qualified teacher. Doing this sadhana only with the help of books without a guru can put you in a big deal.